3d dizajn - intro


CGI Production

3D animation - Professional 3D animation services - specialisation in product/technical animation and simulations (liquid/air sim. of any kind)
Rendering - Creation of any kind of 3D visual (realistic, abstract, architecture, stylized, etc.)
3D Modeling - Creation of all types of 3D geometry, Mesh - high-poly/mid-poly/low-poly or Nurbs, for industrial design and game dev. purposes
VFX - visual effects, motion graphics, particle simulations & complex post-production


Automotive design - Industrial & transportation design development
Digital 3D model creation - Development of product's appearence and functionality -
Product design prototyping - preparation of 3D data for 3D printing or CNC milling
Game design - concept design, level design, environment design

VR production

Creating projects in Virtual Reality - importing existing 3D models or environments
Unity & Unreal - interactive 3D projects created in game engines
VR game development
VR presentation - presenting products, designs or any 3D models in VR

Graphic Design

Graphics design - Corporate Design development, promotional items, creation of books, school-books, magazines, etc.
Development of projects focused on education - educational materials in digital and analog forms
Graphics processing of all kind of prints - following client's needs
Printing Service - we offer realisation of printing - client recieves final printed materials